Diary of a Carrion Eater

Trouble in the Shape of a Girl
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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The rantings, ramblings, and occasional philosophizing of a tea-fueled motorcycle-riding tree-hugging rock and roll girl. Guitarist, singer, and chief goblin wrangler for The Scarlet Conspiracy. A glorified carrion eater by former profession and anthropologist by training who, despite what conventional wisdom says, opted to go to law school rather than put peoples' heads on pikes.

Great Pumpkin knows why you would want to read such a thing. Luckily for you, most entries are locked. Not because I'd ever post anything sooper-seekrit on the internet (or for that matter, anything I'd be even remotely embarrassed by), but because a couple of creepy stalker types make me disinclined to keep a public journal. That said, if you are not a creepy stalker type and would like to be added, please let me know. Friends are good; I like to make new ones.
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